SMFT is part of Asia Trail Master (ATM) series since 2017, ATM series is a trail running championship across more than 15 Asian countries with 30 organizers and trail events. The best trail runners in Asia, compete in this ATM series to be crown as the best runners at the end of every year.
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SMFT offers three different distance categories, which are 50km, 25km and 10km and inaugural trail race in pristine forest in Port Dickson.

For 2019, this trail race will be revamp with new routes, especially for 50km category where runners will have the chance for the first time to test their limit in one big loop. Runners will no longer need to run 25km loop run twice as prior to this.

The route is relatively flat and a runnable course for fast runners without the hassle of technical trail. The heat would be the main challenge for this trail race, hydration strategy is substantial to finish this race

The most interesting part is that the route will go through the tribal village (Kampung Orang Asli) near the forest. Overseas runners would get the most out of this cultural sighting during the race.